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“If a parishioner dying in the small-pox sent to you,

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"Mr. Northmour says you are an honourable man," she returned, "and I believe it when I see you. I will tell you so much; you are right; we are in dreadful, dreadful danger, and you share it by remaining where you are."

“If a parishioner dying in the small-pox sent to you,

"Ah!" said I; "you have heard of me from Northmour? And he gives me a good character?"

“If a parishioner dying in the small-pox sent to you,

"I asked him about you last night," was her reply. "I pretended," she hesitated, "I pretended to have met you long ago, and spoken to you of him. It was not true; but I could not help myself without betraying you, and you had put me in a difficulty. He praised you highly."

“If a parishioner dying in the small-pox sent to you,

"And - you may permit me one question - does this danger come from Northmour?" I asked.

"From Mr. Northmour?" she cried. "Oh no; he stays with us to share it."

"While you propose that I should run away?" I said. "You do not rate me very high."

"Why should you stay?" she asked. "You are no friend of ours."

I know not what came over me, for I had not been conscious of a similar weakness since I was a child, but I was so mortified by this retort that my eyes pricked and filled with tears, as I continued to gaze upon her face.


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