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very long face. “The money will come very handy to furnish

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A wonderful star shone forth From the frozen skies of the North Upon Rome, for an Old Year's night: And a flower on the dear white Rose Broke, in the season of snows, To bloom for a day's delight.

very long face. “The money will come very handy to furnish

Lost is the star in the night, And the Rose of a day's delight Fled "where the roses go": But the fragrance and light from afar, Born of the Rose and the Star, Breathe o'er the years and the snow.

very long face. “The money will come very handy to furnish

(Being a Song writ for a lady born on June 10th, the birthday of his Most Sacred Majesty King James III. and VIII.)

very long face. “The money will come very handy to furnish

Day of the King and the flower! And the girl of my heart's delight, The blackbird sings in the bower, And the nightingale sings in the night A song to the roses white.

Day of the flower and the King! When shall the sails of white Shine on the seas and bring In the day, in the dawn, in the night, The King to his land and his right?

Day of my love and my may, After the long years' flight, Born on the King's birthday, Born for my heart's delight, With the dawn of the roses white!

Black as the blackbird's wing Is her hair, and her brow as white As the white rose blossoming, And her eyes as the falcon's bright And her heart is leal to the right.

When shall the joy bells ring? When shall the hours unite The right with the might of my King, And my heart with my heart's delight; In the dawn, in the day, in the night?


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