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a merchant’s desk, for a livelihood, and from obedience

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"He sings that with some feeling," replied Elvira, critically, although she was a little moved herself, for the song cut both ways in the upper chamber; "but it is as an actor and not as a musician."

a merchant’s desk, for a livelihood, and from obedience

"Life is very sad," said the other; "it so wastes away under one's fingers."

a merchant’s desk, for a livelihood, and from obedience

"I have not found it so," replied Elvira. "I think the good parts of it last and grow greater every day."

a merchant’s desk, for a livelihood, and from obedience

"Frankly, how would you advise me?"

"Frankly, I would let my husband do what he wished. He is obviously a very loving painter; you have not yet tried him as a clerk. And you know - if it were only as the possible father of your children - it is as well to keep him at his best."

"He is an excellent fellow," said the wife.

They kept it up till sunrise with music and all manner of good fellowship; and at sunrise, while the sky was still temperate and clear, they separated on the threshold with a thousand excellent wishes for each other's welfare. Castel-le-Gachis was beginning to send up its smoke against the golden East; and the church bell was ringing six.

"My guitar is a familiar spirit," said Leon, as he and Elvira took the nearest way towards the inn, "it resuscitated a Commissary, created an English tourist, and reconciled a man and wife."


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