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of such men in Mr. Esmond’s time at the universities,

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"I have not found it so," replied Elvira. "I think the good parts of it last and grow greater every day."

of such men in Mr. Esmond’s time at the universities,

"Frankly, how would you advise me?"

of such men in Mr. Esmond’s time at the universities,

"Frankly, I would let my husband do what he wished. He is obviously a very loving painter; you have not yet tried him as a clerk. And you know - if it were only as the possible father of your children - it is as well to keep him at his best."

of such men in Mr. Esmond’s time at the universities,

"He is an excellent fellow," said the wife.

They kept it up till sunrise with music and all manner of good fellowship; and at sunrise, while the sky was still temperate and clear, they separated on the threshold with a thousand excellent wishes for each other's welfare. Castel-le-Gachis was beginning to send up its smoke against the golden East; and the church bell was ringing six.

"My guitar is a familiar spirit," said Leon, as he and Elvira took the nearest way towards the inn, "it resuscitated a Commissary, created an English tourist, and reconciled a man and wife."

Stubbs, on his part, went off into the morning with reflections of his own.

"They are all mad," thought he, "all mad - but wonderfully decent."


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